Dear Birthmother,

We are filled with joy to know that you’re taking the time to learn more about the two of us. We understand that you’re on a journey to find a loving family and hope that you choose to connect your path with ours. Thank you for considering us!

We are incredibly excited to expand our family, which is currently the two of us, our daughter Gianna, and our dog Cooper. As parents, we have built a home filled with love, laughter, and learning, and we deeply value family connections, including our relationship with Gianna’s birth family. We are ready to welcome another child into our life and the life of our family members! Our home will always be a space for any child we raise to grow into their authentic self, explore their passions, and develop into a beautiful, unique human being.

As two dads, we are committed to raising children who are as inspired by their adoption stories as we are, who will love themselves as much as we love them, and who will care deeply for each other as siblings. We hope you enjoy getting to know us and our family!

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