Dear Birth Mother,

So lovely to meet you, and thankful that you are reading this letter! We feel very honored to take care of your little one. We have had the privilege to both know and love each other, and now we can share in that love with your baby, too. It's a new and yet so exciting experience for us. We are eager to meet you, eager to know you, and eager to have this new connection in our lives through your baby.

What has brought us to the adoption process has been a series of difficult decisions caused by debilitating and never-ending infertility issues. We've been trying to become parents since 2011, and it's not a journey I would wish any woman to take. But it has shown to both of us and everyone else, just how amazingly strong we are as a couple. We can handle anything! And I do mean anything.

So, we are more than ready to become your dear baby's parents. They will live their childhood supported by a mom and dad who can't wait to teach, to share, to encourage, to respect, and to love them. It'll be a great foundation for the rest of their life.

We are so thankful for you!

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