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Meet Our Team

Our small, personal staff of experienced adoption specialists has assisted birth mothers from all backgrounds for over 20 years. Here are the people who will get to know and help you.

Assistant Director

Janet is the Assistant Director of Acadia Adoption Center. Each one of us will strive to empower and help you recognize your true potential and reach your personal and professional goals. Our philosophy is, “Adoption isn’t an “end” for birth parents…It’s the beginning of your journey to independence, believing in yourself, daring to dream, and preparing for your future.” It is very possible to find contentment and pride in your choice to give the most amazing gift that only you can give to the adopting family you choose.

Adoption Case Manager

Cindy guides and supports birth mothers with deep caring, sensitivity and professionalism. Case Manager and Social Worker, she helps you deal with every phase of your adoption plan - from helping you take care of yourself as you move through your pregnancy, to advising you after your child is born and the adoption is finalized. She’s always available to discuss any fears or concerns you may have, speak with you about your unique situation in confidence, and help craft an adoption plan you feel good about.

Office Manager

Jenn is the pleasant voice you hear when you first call our office. She is a native of New York, and there’s no mistaking that Long Island accent when you speak with her! An encouraging and non-judgmental person, she expertly manages all of the paperwork associated with your adoption and coordinates support & payments towards expenses you may need help with. Creative and practical, she can help connect you with doctors & resources in your area, if you need some assistance.

Executive Director and Psychologist

Executive Director and Founder of Acadia Adoption Center (AAC), Laura is a licensed psychologist. She works on all aspects of the adoption process. From counseling birthparents, finding and screening prospective parents to undertaking home studies, helping finalize adoptions and counseling adoptees and their families, Laura has been practicing for over 28 years. A deeply compassionate person, she has facilitated hundreds of adoptions for couples of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Laura received her doctorate from Boston University and served her internship in clinical psychology at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center. She has three adult children, one of whom was adopted from Guatemala.

A Note From M&S

Hi Ladies,
We just wanted to express our gratitude one last time to each of you for your part in our adoption journey! There were definitely times over the last couple of years where we didn’t think we’d make it to finalization today, but we never gave up hope. All of your support has meant more than you know, especially during our time out of state and the few months following after bringing our baby home.
We are always happy to pay it forward. If you ever have a couple (especially same-sex couples) questioning if they will ever become parents, we are more than happy to speak with them and share our adoption journey with them. If we can help give hope to someone else, we’re more than happy to do that. We recommend your agency to anyone we know considering adoption!
M & S

KW's Journey

Most people bash me about giving my son up for adoption, but no one knows my story. I was date raped last year on POF. POF is a dating app to meet single people online and I met a guy who pretended to be someone else; however, I ended up pregnant and my family tried to convince me to abort the child, but my heart would not allow me to murder an innocent child.