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Most people bash me about giving my son up for adoption, but no one knows my story. I was date raped last year on POF. POF is a dating app to meet single people online and I met a guy who pretended to be someone else; however, I ended up pregnant and my family tried to convince me to abort the child, but my heart would not allow me to murder an innocent child. I believe in adoption strongly because there are women out there that are unable to have children of their own. My ANGEL is with a beautifully diverse family and his new family loves him as their own. I am proud today to be able to have blessed a family with a child of their own.

Why abort an innocent child when you could be a blessing to another family? If all lives matter, why not reconsider aborting an innocent child adoption is a beautiful thing and Acadia is an adoption agency that will work with you every step of the way. Acadia (Birth Mother's Journey) helped me choose the right family for my Angel and it only took one text message. I researched many adoption agencies on my own and when I came across Birth Mother's Journey, I immediately gave them a call and they were there every step of the way! 

There was never a time where I felt pressured or forced to give my angel up. The woman who I worked with at the agency assured me at any time I could change my mind. Acadia provided transportation to all my doctor's appointments and they even provided a stipend monthly for groceries and bills. At the end of the adoption process, they were able to provide me with a postpartum check to ensure that I was able to provide for myself while recovering from giving birth.

My overall experience with the adoption agency was a truly blessed and meaningful experience I strongly recommend Acadia Birth Mother's Journey to anyone who is open to adoption.  There are millions of families nationwide that are unable to have children of their own, and with Acadia, your ability to choose the family that best fits you.