Dear birth mother,

Nice to meet you. We are originally from Italy, we moved to the US years ago to pursue our dream careers as physicians. Ours was not always an easy journey: as much as we tried to plan our future, life proved to be unpredictable and sometimes landed us in uncharted territories. In those instances, we learned to trust our instinct and look for the next best option.

If you are reading these words, you are probably experiencing one of those twists of fate. We can only imagine what you are going through, but we understand that you are called to make very tough decisions. Indeed, we have a lot of admiration for the choice you already made, to give your baby the gift of life. It says a lot about the woman you are. If you feel that the next best option for you is adoption, please take us into consideration as possible adoptive parents.

Adoption is not new for us: five years ago, we adopted our son, Filippo, through this very same agency. We learned how a situation initially filled with uncertainty and anxiety can evolve into one where everybody feels supported and respected and work as a team to offer the new baby a happy life. When Filippo was born, he was met with nothing but love, from all his parents: this is likely one of the reasons he is such a happy child today.

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