Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering me as a hopeful adopting parent. I have known that I was meant to adopt a child since the 7th grade, when I read the book, “Goodnight, Mr. Tom”.

One of the elements I loved about the story was how both Mr. Tom and Will grew in the story. Since we became a family with Mimi through adoption, we have grown as individuals and as a family unit (Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, and Mimi). We appreciate each other more, love each other more, and enjoy spending time together more, all because of our love for Mimi and how we see each others' love in our interactions with her and each other.

Getting to know Mimi's birth mom has also deepened my appreciation for the smart, brave, strong, and loving woman she is. I feel I have a lot to learn from her. We still keep in regular touch, and I hope that continues as Mimi grows.

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