Dear Expectant Mother,

We are Sophie and Gianluca, and we would like to thank you for considering our profile and reading this letter. We know this decision must be very difficult for you, and we want to offer you our deep and heartfelt gratitude. We also want to communicate to you how much we appreciate and respect this difficult choice you are making.

We find your strength and selflessness inspiring, and we hope we can be the people that will tell your baby as he/she grows up how much you love them and how deeply you care for them. You will make our dream possible, and for this, we will be eternally grateful to you, and you will always have a special place in our hearts. We are completely in support of open adoption: we feel that the birth mother will always be a part of our baby's life story, and so forever linked to the story of our family.

We have been thinking about adopting a baby for many, many years, and finally, now we are in a position where we feel we are ready to provide them with all the love, attention, and opportunities we could possibly offer, so they may grow and blossom into a beautiful, caring, joyful human being. We have been thinking about our future baby every few days for the past several years, imagining what we will do, where we will go, what we will say, how he/she will be playing with Bobo, our dog, and Beanie and Mandu, our cats.

Even if we haven't met them yet, we know we'll love them with all our hearts, and we can't wait to get started on the next chapter of our life. For this opportunity, we want to humbly and respectfully thank you!

Sophie and Gianluca.

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