Dear expectant mother,

You are so brave!

The fact that you are here reading our profile means you are likely being faced with a very profound decision in your life. We respect you and the decision you will make for your life and the life of your unborn child. If you are open to it, we would love the opportunity to get to know who you are and support you in any way we possibly can. Likewise, we want to thank you for taking the time to learn about us.

Our journey to become parents started a few years back. When we had little success conceiving on our own, we decided to try in vitro fertilization. We felt strongly that for us, becoming parents was not limited to “traditional standards” and after failed IVF attempts and many losses,it became clear what our purpose in our lives was: to give a child a life filled with love, family traditions, compassion, and unconditional support regardless of how they came into our lives. We are two loving people, with open hearts, open ears, and an open home. Please know that we are here to comfort and empower you throughout this process if you would like us to be. Your courage, strength, and sacrifices are admirable.

Becky and Scott

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