Dear Birthmother,

We are feeling so nervous writing this to you, wondering how we come across on paper and in photos and afraid we won’t get chosen. We are so thankful that you’re taking the time out of your day to read a little bit about us. We are wondering how you’re doing and feeling.

Before we tell you about us, we want to thank you for your decision to allow a loving family to adopt your baby. It is women like you, with your strength and love, that make it so we have the opportunity to be parents...which is the biggest joy and privilege of our lives.

A baby with us will be a baby that is supported and loved unconditionally through every stage of their life. We are so excited to nurture another child and hold their hand as they explore the world, find their passions and live a life that is full. We will laugh with them, pick them up when they stumble and hold them during the moments they don’t feel strong enough to stand on their own. We will love them as fiercely as we will protect them.

A birthmother with us will be one who is honored, loved, cared about and supported in every way. We will be there for you as much as you want us to be.

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