Dear Birth Mother,

If you’re reading our profile, you’re likely considering one of the biggest decisions of your life. Although we haven’t met yet, please know that you are loved and supported on your journey to finding an answer. We are truly grateful for your willingness to learn about who we are; our life together; and just how much love and laughter we hope to have the opportunity to share with you and your little one.

We believe that everyone has a story. In our own, adoption has always been a guiding theme. From the beginning, we’ve talked about “our kids” as though they are already a part of our family; and, in many ways, they are. So many aspects of our lives - home, jobs, and community - have been inspired by the dream of one day sharing our joy with children of our own. Ours is a family of mixed ethnicities and backgrounds, and we embrace the beauty in our differences. As a member of our family, your child would be raised in a home filled with adventure and learning; supported and encouraged to become the best version of themselves; and, most importantly, surrounded by the unconditional love of a village of family and friends.

We have a story, and so do you. We hope to learn more about yours - and, perhaps, to write the next chapter together - and wish you peace on the journey.

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