Dear Birthmother,

Thank you for considering an adoption plan. We can’t imagine the weight of this decision for you. We hope that you are feeling loved and supported. We wish you peace and comfort and are grateful to have the opportunity to share our story with you as you make these important choices.

Our goal has been to create a family with children and while our path has changed,our desire to fulfill that goal has not. Megan's family had the pleasure of being touched by adoption via her two cousins. She has seen how much joy adoption has brought the family, so we decided to complete our family through adoption as well. We are excited to give our niece a cousin to grow up with, our parents a grandchild to spoil and Penny, our dog, a forever playmate. We look forward to story time at the library, teaching them how to fish, garden and explore the world around us. This  child will be loved, encouraged and supported. As a family we will help our child learn and grow through new experiences whether they be out our backdoor or traveling the world.

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